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      Adjustable fitness skates for adults - Powerslide Wave Number of Views: 106

      Adjustable fitness skates for adults - Powerslide Wave

      Powerslide - Wave inline skates designed for recreational skating, based on a one-piece shell - a frame is fixed to the boot. This type of solution has made it possible to significantly lower the center of gravity, which is a key element in the case of beginners. Despite 3x 90mm/100mm wheels (depending on the skate size), the height of the skate does not differ much from other skates with 80mm and 84mm wheels.

      Powerslide - Wave skates give you the possibility to adjust each wheel position/height, thanks to which you can further increase their maneuverability. Powerslide - Wave shell has a size adjustment, so you can perfectly match its length to the length of your foot. A great solution for young people or for rental shops.

      Powerslide - Wave skates are available in the following versions: