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      #bvcustom - Powerslide skate setups - Zoom with large wheels Number of Views: 89

      #bvcustom - Powerslide skate setups - Zoom with large wheels

      Powerslide - Zoom is a very popular model for urban skating based on a fairly wide and hard shell. Comes as standard in two versions: Zoom 80 and Zoom 100.

      Thanks to the Trinity mount, you can use different types of frames, and the wide shell can accommodate different types of liners.

      Set #1

      Thick and very stiff Powerslide - MyFit Crown fills the wide Powerslide - Zoom shell and further stiffens the entire structure. The perfect solution for people with slightly narrower feet. Frame choice of Powerslide - XXX 13,2'' 4x110 with FR - Glitter 110mm/85a wheels and we come up with setup for those looking for stable ride like downhill.

      Powerslide - Zoom

      Zestaw #2

      An option for fans of large wheels and urban skating. Proven in aggressive models, a lace-up Jug - Black Sox II liner, which ensures great grip of the ankle. Lightweight and maneuverable Powerslide - Elite Casted 255mm with Powerslide - Torrent 125mm wheels and Wicked - Twincam SUS Rustproof bearings - is a set that will give us the right maneuverability, grip and speed even during rainy city trips

      Powerslide - Zoom