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#bvcustom - Powerslide TAU and Hardcore EVO for long distance skating

#bvcustom - Powerslide TAU and Hardcore EVO for long distance skating

Powerslide - Tau and Hardcore EVO skates are currently the high-end models for urban and slalom skating with Trinity mounting and based on a carbon skeleton.

Thanks to the universal three-point mount, we can use all kinds of frames - including the top models for speed skating like XXX.

1. Powerslide - Hardcore EVO with XXX 4x110 frame for wet surfaces

Rigid, thermoformed Hardcore EVO shell with a rigid frame for 4 wheels, with the best rain MPC - Storm Surge wheels. 4 points of support and very grippy wheels guarantee safe skating experience even during rainy days.

Powerslide - Hardcore EVO

2. Powerslide - TAU on 4 wheels for better stability

The second set based on the rigid XXX 4x110 speed frame, with Infinity - Plus wheels, which besides double PU mix, perfectly match the whole set and will be great on long and rough routes.

Powerslide - Tau

3. Powerslide - Tau in a set with a 3x125mm speed frames

Stiff, lightweight and proven in harsh urban conditions, the Powerslide - Tau shell with top XXX 3x125 speed frame and New Clear wheels is the perfect set for people planning to overcome long routes, but are looking for a set with very good ankle support. 

Powerslide - Tau