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How to choose a skate for kids

How to choose a skate for kids

Rolki dla dzieci

When choosing a skate for the child one should follow the same rules as with picking up the skates for an adult.

Skates for kids are cheaper than skates for adults because of their size, and hence less use of materials. This does not change the fact that the models of known manufacturers includes parts (wheels, buckles, frames) which are exactly the same as the models for adults or manufactured from the same materials.

Inline skating is becoming more popular. Manufacturers of markets` sport equipment increasingly expand their offer which include skates for extremely tempting prices.

On the Internet there are deals where for only 25 EURO you can buy a set skates with protective gear, helmet and backpack.

At this point it can be safely said that commercially available equipment for children can be divided into two groups: Toys and real skates.

Products grouped as "toys" are usually priced from 20 to 35 EURO (seasonal price). It is a skate in which sooner or later we come to the following problems:

  • maintain a stable position - too flexible design due to the use of cheap plastic, causing bending of the skates on the sides which in turn may cause permanent damage to ankles.
  • knocking noise while skating, resembling the plastic wheels - low quality wheels and bearings that parameters are far from those given on the package.
  • lack of replacement wheels or bearings - all known manufacturers use the universal parts such as spacers 6mm or 8mm for 608 sized bearings and matching the diameter of wheels 70 or 72mm. The cheap skates are often found with built-in custom bearings and wheel spacers at odd sizes that can replaced. Considering the quality of wheels and bearings for 100 PLN price tag - their replacement may be necessary after the first few weeks of use.
  • poor quality buckles and Velcros not only require an adult for correct tightening, but also do not fulfill their function by continuous and uncontrollable unfastening which can cause injury.

The occurrence of one of the following problems is often associated with the need replacing the skates with new ones.

If you are selecting the size, the principle of buying skates that ideally suits you feet applies to both adults and children. The problems associated with too large or small size manifest themselves in the same way regardless of their age and the length of the foot of a rollerblader. What's more, an adult by more developed muscles is able to maintain the correct position even in slightly too large skates. Children skating in too large skates will bend the foot outward, causing discomfort and a serious ankle injury.

Since young skaters are growing, skates for children are equipped with the length adjustment of the shell in the range from 3 to 4 sizes. This ensures perfect sizing and fit a child's foot, and thus significantly enhances skating comfort and safety.

Before buying skates for a kid take a look at the principles of selection of the correct size, which are described in this article:

It is worth to pay attention to size adjustment system. In "market" models, it often happens that a change in the size of a skate requires removing the frames and wheels or the system is poor, resulting in uncontrolled adjustments while skating. An important element of this kind of technology is the inner liner, which also increases its size. When choosing a skate for a child - pay attention if the liner does not have any noticeable seams or stitches that can be felt and cause discomfort.

Children treat rollerblading as play so it is important that the equipment that they use is convenient, safe. All known manufacturers provide two versions of children models: for boys and for girls. It’s the parents will choose the right model for the kids, it’s an investment for the product which won’t need to be replaced after a few weeks of use.