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How to skate in rain - Powerslide Torrent Wheels

How to skate in rain - Powerslide Torrent Wheels

Skating in the rain isn’t always fun, and it can sometimes be a challenge, even for the world’s best racers. There are several factors which contribute to being able to skate in the rain.

Firstly, technique. A skater needs to adapt their technique to skate in wet conditions, regardless of who they are, or what material they are skating. Shorter, less explosive pushes and more pressure on the skates bringing them under the body for less slip.

Secondly. Mental. Enjoy it, embrace it, and remember that even skating in the rain it 10x better than sitting at home on the couch.

Thirdly. Wheels. Powerslide’s Torrent wheel are unlike any other wheel in Powerslide collection, and they can be defined by two critical features. The PU has been developed with a special metallic dust particle to increase the grip on the skating surface. Then the wheels actually have a special preparation unlike usual wheels and that is what gives them the matte appearance. This rougher finish means that there is more contact points on the skating surface at a microscopic level, and again another increase of grip.

The Torrent wheels have prioritized grip over every other skating characteristic because this is what is most needed in skating wet skating conditions.

For several seasons now Powerslide has had 125mm and 110mm in the collection, both of which have a dual layer of PU, similar to that found in high end racing wheels. Based off the success of these wheels they have expanded the collection this year to include 100mm, 90mm, and 80mm, which all have a single layer PU.

So not skating in rain is only an excuse, get out there and enjoy it.