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How to take care of wheels.

How to take care of wheels.
  • The urethane mix, from which wheels are made of.
  • Hardness and wheel profile (elliptical wheel wears faster).
  • Frequency of skating.
  • A method of stopping (the T-Stop method significantly accelerates the wear ).
  • Weight of a rollerblader.
  • Skating technique
  • Surface

The skating style and braking technique have a crucial influence on wheel usage:

  • The wheels wear faster on the inside – pushing and T-stop braking technique require from rollerblader to take the weight of the body on the inside part of the wheel.
  • Wheels of the skate which we use for breaking by T-Stop method will be always be worn faster.
  • During skating the most impact is carried on the front wheel (due to lowered position of a blader) and the back wheel (especially when landing jumps ahead and sudden turns). .

In order to have our wheels serving us as long as possible we need to take care of their uniform abrasion and avoid situations in which a wheel is excessively worn only on one side - even though the wheel has still a large amount of material on the other side, after rotating it will not give us a stable position while skating and will enforce tilting the skate to one side.

Due to not even wear the particular wheels, do not rotate and switch only one wheel. Even if only one wheel has been excessively worn on the one side, it is necessary to switch all the wheels according to the scheme:

Replacing wheels according to this schema causes:

  • The first and the last wheel are placed on the second and third positions - positions the least exposed to abrasion.
  • Wheels of the second and third position, (the least worn wheels) are put in place the most used ones.
  • When changing the wheel from left to right skate, set their inner, more worn side to the outside.

Keeping this pattern of switching wheels, we are able to increase their life span by up to twice the regular and wear the wheels evenly in both skates.

Jak dbać o kółkach w rolkach

Jak dbać o kółkach w rolkach

When we should rotate the wheels:

  • If the profile of one of the wheels is not equal and clearly appears to be a more worn on one side.
  • If by placing the skate on a flat surface it is possible to roll the front or rear wheel - these wheels are smaller in diameter than the other. Of course, this point does not apply to persons using the "banana" setup.
  • While skating if you feel that one of the skates turn itself (foot more firmly inward).

Selection of the appropriate wheels to our needs is the basis of convenient and comfortable skating experience. Caring for their regular and steady wear is the way to have wheels lasting much longer - and in addition will allow us to reduce operating costs of using the skates.