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      K2 Trio - triskating frame with UFS mount. Number of Views: 292

      K2 Trio - triskating frame with UFS mount.

      The K2 company has expanded its offer with new K2 - Trio frames - Trio, which can be mounted to all skates with UFS mount. The frames are made of aluminium and have so-called rockering or the option to adjust the height of the wheel, so you can increase agility.

      K2 - Trio frames are available in two versions:

      In addition, each model of K2 - Trio is manufactured in three sizes:

      • S - 255mm
      • M - 270mm
      • L - 285mm

      Softboot set based on K2 - Front Street boot with New Clear 100mm wheels.

      K2 - Trio

      Stiff and durable set based on Rollerblade - Fusion with FR - Speed 110mm wheels.

      K2 - Trio