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New Matter 125mm wheels - G13 and One20Five - What are the differences

New Matter 125mm wheels - G13 and One20Five - What are the differences

With all of 125mm wheels, Matter  have made a major focus to improve the reliabilityof the wheels. In the disc wheels they’ve focused on an improved sonic weld in the core connection, and in the CHR they increased the spoke thickness by adding an internal rib.

In all Matter 125mm the outside PU is identical, it’s all G13. They’ve chosen this PU because it’s the fastest rolling and toughest PU on asphalt. Also the insert technology is all the same. However there is massive changes in the engineering of each wheel, between the wheel radius and cores.

To help you to choose the perfect 125mm wheel for your skating and racing please check out this table:

One20fiveG13 DiscG13 CHR
Wider shape means perfect for more technical courses with a lot of corners or when the road surface is a little rougher. Also for bigger skaters who need added grip and stability. Often used by our race team when the think the marathon will endin a pack sprintThe fastest rolling wheel in the collection. Perfect for long straight lines on smoothroads. The narrow shape often helps skaters to find their edges easier.The hybrid, because of it’s thin profile it’s still a very fast rolling wheel, but the CHR core offer more stability than the disc core. If you only want to choose one 125mm, make it this wheel because it will suit most skaters in most conditions.

Of course wheel choice comes down to personal preference and skating technique. These guidelines can be fine tuned using the wheel hardness too.

Another little trick from former marathon world champion, Felix Rijhnen, is that in the early season races he prefers to use the one20five wheels regardless of the skating conditions. He does this because the wider shape helps him with stability, which he needs help with in those early races after months of winter training without the real race speeds.