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Powerslide MyFit Liners - which one to choose?

Powerslide MyFit Liners - which one to choose?

After the boom of the 90`s and 00`s with liner companies all faded away and when MYFIT started back in the day in 2010 it was the only real brand starting to be focused on liner.

MYFIT brand and name says it all, they will fit like your shoe, as all liners are moldable and can have the personalized and customized fit. So through heat molding the liner will get a copy of your foot and give space where needed and fills in gaps where wanted.

Over the yearsMYFIT grew into a real brand for aftermarket liners. With a wide selection of amazing liners.

Need some tips:

  • Fat Boy: perfect all around liner fits basically to every hardboot. Comfortable, simple and effective
  • Recall liner: same cut as Fat Boy just with memory foam padding for custom fit from the first seconds. Will adjust to your foot shape in seconds
  • 2nd Skin: less padding, a bit harder, closer to the shell, perfect for downsizing plastic shells. Still nicely comfortable and heat moldable
  • Skinny Boy: the best of both worlds, less padding on the front so like the 2nd Skin and more padding and comfort on the heel, like the Fat Boy, combines perfectly, comfort and performance
  • Crown: maybe the perfect liner for all wider and more volume shell skates, for urban and aggressive. Lots of custom features from tounge, extra shockpad and the adjustable stiff cuff function. Awesome comfort and many technical features
  • SPC: the new flapship for MYFIT. The best liner for performance, best microfiber lining, best padding with SPC material that never breaks down and is super comfortable. Best liner out there for skating

So if you look for an upgrade of skates MYFIT is your choice. Made to fit, made to be customized, made to last.

Ask the pros!

Step in MYFIT!