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What are the differences between Seba 2012/2013 models?

What are the differences between Seba 2012/2013 models?

Every year Seba offer is getting bigger. New versions of existing models are added and existing models are improved by changing some details which have a huge impact on comfort and quality of the skates.

In 2013 the whole line of Seba skates 2013 was refreshed. Different changes were added to all the models.

Seba – FR

FR series are the most popular models for urban/freeride skating available in many different versions. In 2013 models few important changes were made:

  • new Seba – Street Invaders wheels with 84a hardness – lightest with round profile for more stable and comfortable skating
  • Tunnel for buckle strap on the front part of the cuff
  • New safety buckle receptor (female buckle)

Also the cuff mounting rivet in Seba – FRX was changed to a screw which allows mounting Seba – FR Custom Kit.

New Seba FR line has few new products:

  • Seba FR Junior – special skate for kids with adjustable innersole in 3 different size ranges and two different color
  • Seba FR 1 skate in grey color

Seba – GTX

GTX skates are mostly oriented for Grand Tourism (aka Fitness). This skate is a very good tool to bring immediate pleasure to the skater, and it will help to learn tricks faster. New GTX model has many different improvements which made this model even more comfortable for a beginner who is looking for light and durable skate for city cruising.

  • New Seba CK wheels with 82a hardness – less vibration and more comfort during skating
  • New cuff – much more lighter and softer for better fit
  • Fast and easy lacing system
  • New design without flashy highlights with lots of mesh outer material
  • Brake in set

Seba – GT

Seba – GT (Gran Turismo) is modified GTX skate with stiffer and stronger frame (with single axles), buckle instead of powerstrap, toe strap, aluminum FK top buckle and faster bearings. GT shell structure was established on the SEBA High Basis + GTremoveable liner. GT model was made for people looking for fast, durable and stable skates for city skating. New softer and lighter cuff provides better fit and comfort. 82A CK Seba wheels absorbs vibration during skating or rough surface. Less flashy design for more stylish look.

Differences between GT i GTX in 2012/2013 models:

Seba – High

Seba – High skates are the most popular skates for freestyle slalom skating. All High models for 2013 will come with new Seba – Street Invaders wheels with 84a hardness and flat profile and color matching the color of the skate.

In Seba – High series there are still Deluxe version of the skate with stiffer and ligther Deluxe frame and Carbon PRO version with Carbon boot and cuff. The Seba – High - Carbon Original (carbon boot and plastic cuff) will come in the future with new redesigned cuff.

Seba – High Light is the lighter version of Seba – High Deluxe skates with plastic shell and cuff and deluxe frame. New features in this model are integrated liner and lighter, more elastic outer material giving a much better fit and more precise control while doing slalom tricks.