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      What is the difference between the Powerslide Hardcore EVO 2018 skates from 2019 Number of Views: 849

      What is the difference between the Powerslide Hardcore EVO 2018 skates from 2019

      Both Powerslide - Hardcore EVO models are based exactly on the same carbon boot. This boot is heat mouldable. How to heat mould the Powerslide - Hardcore EVO boots:

      Both versions of Powerslide - Hardcore EVO are equipped with Trinity mount and a Tri-skate frame.

      Powerslide - Hardcore EVO

      Comparing the 2019 and 2018 models the first main difference is the frame. 2018 version included Katana 3W Rocker frames, while in 2019 version we find the Nexus 3W Rocker. Both frames are made of the same aluminum, with rockering on the 2nd and 3rd wheel. Katana 3W Rocker model is slightly more built-in and has a machined CNC finish. However, the Nexus 3W Rocker model is lighter and, as shown by the tests - equally rigid - so beyond the visual aspect, changing the frame did not affect the feel completely. Both models still use different lengths of frames depending on the size of the shell:

      • 215 for sizes 36-39
      • 225 for sizes 40-41
      • 235 for sizes 42-46

      Powerslide - Hardcore EVO

      The second and last difference (but still important) in Powerslide - Hardcore EVO skates are wheels. 2018 model used Powerslide - Spinner 90mm / 88a, while 2019 version comes with much better Undercover 90mm / 86a wheels (Made in the USA). This change greatly influences rolling comfort due to the fact that the Undercover wheels are much faster, gripper and more durable. The bearings remained unchanged  in both models: Wicked - Ilq 9 Classic.

      Powerslide - Hardcore EVO

      Powerslide - Hardcore EVO skates are also available as the Boot Only version.