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Which liner should I choose for my skates?

Which liner should I choose for my skates?

In many cases, choosing the right liner is the key to perfectly matched equipment. Before choosing a new liner you need to define your individual needs so that replacement will positively impact our skating experience. We have prepared 4 examples of liner replacement together with a description of how it affected the skate characteristics.

1. Rollerblade - RB 80 Cruiser 2019 and Reign - Slim Liner V3 - a combination an urban skate with a liner designed for aggressive skating.

Rollerblade - RB 80 Cruiser 2019 skates are based on a fairly wide shell, but there are people for whom even this design is too narrow with the original liner . Unfortunately, replacing the liner with thinner one is often associated with a loss of rigidity of the whole set. Reign - Slim Liner V3 is a thin liner, which is also stiff around the ankle with additional lacing significantly improving ankle support in the boot while skating. Ideal solution for the so-called "Downsizing."

Rollerblade - RB 80 Cruiser 2019

2. Powerslide - Imperial skates and Intuition liner

The Powerslide - Imperial model is famous for its very narrow design. For people with narrow feet, Imperial skates are often an ideal solution so that the foot does not move inside the boot. However, in many cases, the original and slightly thick Powerslide liner makes it necessary to buy a larger shell which affects the weight of the skate and ankle support - especially after a few months of skating when the liner compresses heavily. The use of the most technically advanced and super thin Intuition - Skate Liner V2 often allows you to ride in a smaller shell. High liner Intuition - Skate Liner V2 with additional lacing tightly and firmly holds the ankle while skating and its construction made of high quality materials, after the heat molding process, perfectly fills the shell eliminating the slightest movement of the liner inside.

Powerslide - Imperial 80

3. FR - FR1 310 with Powerslide - Myfit Crown Dual Fit

The FR / Seba FR skate models have widely open shell, which is a problem for many people with a low instep - despite the fastening and lacing, the movement of the entire liner inside the shell can still occur . The solution to this problem may be the use of a thick Powerslide - Myfit Crown Dual Fit liner, which constructions strongly fills the inside of a fairly wide FR shell - especially around the instep and 45 degree buckle. In addition, the Powerslide - Myfit Crown Dual Fit has a lot of configuration options, such as heat molding or a disassembled lacing system to suits your needs.

FR - FR1 310

4. Powerslide - Zoom 100 Pro Pro and Razors liner

If your skate liner is already heavily broken-in and damaged by frequent use - you can replace it with one of the Razors liner models, which are available in different colors and sizes. All models were designed for aggressive skates so they are very durable and support the ankle well. Their design will appeal to anyone who is looking for a solid and simple liner that fits almost any skate model. 

Powerslide - Zoom 100 Pro

If you plan to replace the liner in your skates and you are not sure which one to get - contact us and we will help you choose the right one!