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Doop - Swift Trinity 150 Edge

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Product details

Product Description
  • category: Nordic Skating
  • model: Doop - Swift Trinity 150 Edge
  • frame: PS Edge 2x150mm 11.4'' Aluminium
  • bearings: Wicked - Rustproof
  • wheels: Powerslide - V-Mart Air Tire 150mm
  • top and toe buckle
  • fast size adjustment system
  • LED lights

Doop are younger siblings of well-known aggressive skates Xsjado. Nearly two decades ago Salomon company came up with revolutionary concept of step-in skates modelled after snowboard bindings, allowing to use your own shoes in their skeleton. Powerslide saw the potential in this idea and when Salomon have stopped production of skates, bought out the project to develop it further. After several years they have created doop – ideal skates for commuting. Simply put on your everyday shoes, step-in to skeleton, tighten bindings and you are ready to skate. No need to carry shoes in your backpack – getting on and off wheels is easy and takes only a brief moment.

Every doop model is made of several components: baseplate, cuff with padding, ankle-part, buckles and/or straps and finally – a frame with wheels. Each piece is made out of high grade materials and both baseplate and cuff are additionally reinforced with addition of glass fibre, giving the whole construction needed solidity. Modular design makes these skates adjustable and you can easily adapt them to your anatomy and shoe shape – for maximum comfort we suggest using low cut sports shoes. However, as there are two possible levels of cuff padding height, using higher cut shoes is also possible.

Thanks to these characteristics it is possible to achieve a comfort, fit and control no worse than in classic skates with full boots. It is worth to spend some time with the skates after the purchase adjusting everything to fit you anatomy best. Moreover, as doop and Xsjado (now USD Shadow) parts are interchangeable, you can even convert your doops to UFS skates to use frames compatible with this system or to simply hit some rails and ledges with them!

Newest doop models are equipped with innovative Trinity mounting which reduces distance from the ground and makes the clearance as low as possible. Thanks to Trinity it is easier to control the skates and in turn – skate. Moreover, three mounting points make energy transfer more efficient – to put it simply, you can skate faster with less effort. Such concept also makes doop baseplate more stiff and stable. Another bonus is the fact that all Trinity frames are compatible with your boot – there is nothing preventing you from trying different wheel setup and frame types.

Doop Trinity Swift 150 Edge is unique equipment aimed at people who are looking for off-road skates. Doop skeleton is placed on top of short two wheel frames with 150mm diameter pneumatic wheels and thanks to Trinity the centre of gravity is still very low. Tires give great grip and size of the wheels translates to a great roll on off-road tracks. Using only two wheels lowers the weight of the skates, making them a perfect fit for cross-country training with poles and covering long distances with moderate elevation. Short frame will also feel right at home on a dirt track, where agility is much needed. Rustproof bearings make sure you do not have to worry about moisture and wet conditions. Finally, thanks to the option to quickly detach the skates from your shoes you are able to get over non-skateable forest and trail obstacles with ease and safely.

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Doop skates are developed and produced by the wellknown high end skating company, Powerslide GMBH. Each skate is created with comfort, convenience and style in mind.

Thanks to their unique and patented design, Doop skates are customizable to your shoe size, allowing you the comfort of your own shoes while you skate. Doop skates have been tried and tested by professionals and are proven to help you stay fit while enjoying your city and promoting an eco friendly lifestyle.

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Doop - Swift Trinity 150 Edge


Doop - Swift Trinity 150 Edge


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