Customers of Bladeville shop can take advantage of special promotional bundles created from the selected pool of products. The total price of a bundle will be much lower than buying each product separately.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Bundle packages are active until they are disabled by Bladeville shop staff, or until end of stock.
  • When you add a promotional bundle to the basket, the total price will be divided between all of the selected products and in this form will be displayed on the order confirmation and receipt (VAT INVOICE).
  • Where at least one of the products purchased in the promotional package does not meet the expectations of the client, refund for withdrawal from the contract is subject to the package which is all the goods included in the system.
  • If the customer is not satisfied with one of the product from the bundle, therefore wants to return the product – he is obliged to return the whole bundle. 
  • Replacement of a product purchased at a promotional price is possible only within the pool of goods for the same price, chosen by the Bladeville staff
  • Bladeville shop reserves the right to change prices and add or remove items from a bundle, provided that the price quoted at the package at the time of placing the order is binding.