1. Gift Cards from Bladeville are used to purchase products at www.bladeville.com online store.
  2. Cards can be purchased from the Hedonskate online store.
  3. Purchased cards can not be redeemed for cash.
  4. Gift cards are available in different values and have a unique code, which must be specified when ordering at www.bladeville.com or while shopping in store to receive a discount.
  5. Gift cards are disposable, they can be used only once for a particular order.
  6. If you use a card with a higher face value than the total sum of the order, the remaining value can not be re-used.The value shown on the card can not be divided for use in a later transaction.
  7. If you wish to take advantage of two or more gift cards for one order, please contact us by e-mail to the address info@bladeville.com and enter your codes. In response, the new code will be sent – for the total sum, while the previous codes will be cancelled.
  8. If you purchase a product with a higher value than the value of the card, the customer must cover the price difference.
  9. The value of the gift card will be subtracted from the total sum of your order (not concerning the shipping costs).
  10. On request, we can give the bill for the purchase of vouchers .
  11. The bill (receipt, invoice) issued for the order (with used gift card), will have the full price applicable at the time of purchase which will easily allow the right of refund or replacement within 10 days of receipt of package.