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Manufaturer: Powerslide

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Powerslide - Next 100 - Black/Blue/Pink

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Product details

Product Description
  • category: freeskate, urban
  • model: Next 100
  • boot: Next, Trinity, Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
  • liner: My Fit Fat Boy Recall Dual Fit
  • frame: Powerslide Elite casted, 3x100mm, 9.1''
  • wheels: Powerslide - Spinner 100mm/86A
  • bearings: Wicked Abec 9

The Powerslide NEXT set new standards in the field of freeskating and urban skating.

For the first time in a history, a hardboot has been equipped with innovative Trinity frame mounting. This three point mounting has allowed engineers to lower the center of gravity in a way which was simply not possible before and make whole skate more rigid. Thanks to these qualities, NEXT give you a superior control and energy transfer, on levels which up to this point were limited to more expensive, one-piece boot freeskates.

Powerslide took great care in making the NEXT boot as customizable as possible, allowing you to adjust it to your anatomy and preferences.

High laced boot with two buckles holds your feet firmly. Cuff is equipped with canting system allowing for four different positions, which can be used to counter pronation or supination in your ankles, or simply give more or less movement freedom depending on the height. Moreover, both cuff and the shell can be cut along factory made marking lines, to give more flexibility.

Front part of the shell is protected by a replaceable plastic strip which covers not only the sides like traditional sliders, but also the tip. Inside the shell you will find a new version of well-known MyFit FatBoy Dual Fit liner, this time made with special Recall padding which adjusts to your anatomy in body temperature. Naturally, the liner can be heat-moulded for better effect, just like previous versions. It is also laced in the upper part, a feature which allows to secure tongue in place.

NEXT 100 are equipped with Elite frame of 231mm length. The frame fits three 100mm Spinner wheels and thanks to Trinity mounting, the balance is as low as possible. This setup is a perfect choice for urban skating and freestyle-like fun. The short frame provides superior agility and smaller wheels are easier to control – this helps in slides and even allows you to try some freestyle slalom tricks on Triskates. NEXT 100 are also great choice for people with smaller feet, who used 4x76mm setup before.

NEXT is a true revolution in category of hardboots made for urban skating – never before there was a skate so rich in adjustment options and with such low center of balance. NEXT 100 is without a doubt the most agile version of a whole range.

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Powerslide - Next 100 - Black/Blue/Pink


Powerslide - Next 100 - Black/Blue/Pink


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€189 €239
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