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Manufaturer: Powerslide

Art. 880221

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Powerslide - One Lancer Women

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  • pair of skate (2 skates)
  • tools
  • instruction

Product details

Product Description
  • category: fitness
  • model: One Lancer Women
  • shell: Composite
  • frame: 3D Emboss 11.2'' Aluminium
  • screws: 8mm
  • wheels: Powerslide One 84mm/82a
  • bearings: Wicked - Abec 5
  • brake: in set

Powerslide One Lancer Women is a skate designed specifically for women who are willing to start their adventure with inline skating. The skates are perfect for begginers. Choose them if you want to have fun while learning a new sport.

One-piece boot design ensures perfect fit. Composite hardenings near toes and ankle guarantee support and safety, which are extremely important during your first steps on skates. Ventilated material allows you to feel fresh and really enjoy skating. Top buckle improves balance and reduces the risk of ankle injuries. 45 degree buckle holds your foot in the right position. All of the above makes the Powerslide One Lancer skates really easy to control.

The skate comes with a durable and light alumininium frame. 84 mm wheels are perfect for beginners. This setup ensures amazing control which is truly important when you make your first steps on skates. Long lasting wheels of this size will also let you enjoy speed while cruising around. Using an included brake you can always slow down and stop safely and effectively.

Technical Data

Powerslide - One Lancer Women


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€69 €79
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