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Powerslide - Phuzion Krypton Men 80 Inline Skates


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Powerslide Krypton are Fitness skates made to deliver a maximum comfort and good performance at affordable price. Their base is made out of glass-fiber reinforced composite, ensuring an adequate level of ankle support. The boot comes with integrated padding made out of two different foam types with different densities in key areas. The Powerknit upper ensures a snug and supportive fit. Buckle, Velcro and lacing work well to lock the heel in place, increasing control over the skates. The boot is lightweight and breathable.

Powerslide equipped new Krypton models with their revolutionary Trinity frame mounting technology. Thanks to three contact points between the frame and boot (instead of usual two) engineers were able to lower the centre of gravity – thanks to it, the skates are much easier to control. This solution brings more benefits to the table: energy transfer is greatly improved, vibrations are more evenly distributed and the boot itself is compatible with any Trinity frame on the market – from short, freestyle to speedskating ones.

Krypton 80 come with Elite frame of 243mm length – it fits four 80mm Infinity wheels with Wicked ABEC5 bearings. This type of setup is a fan-favourite of skaters around the globe thanks to good manoeuvrability of short frame and smooth and stable ride thanks to four wheels. The centre of balance is also low, further contributing to easiness of use. Overall, it is a great offering for anyone looking for a pair of skates to start with but still does want to have equipment that will be suitable at more advanced level. Krypton 80 are equipped with HABS (height adjustable brake system) which allows you to change position of the rubber in relation to the ground. Naturally, the brake can be detached.

Thanks to smart design and solid execution, Krypton are good skates for novice and experienced users. Their price tag makes sure you won’t have to break a bank. The MEN version comes in dark, stylish colourway. Skates are made from cruelty-free materials.

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Powerslide is one of industry’s leaders even though it is relatively young company – it has been founded in year 1994. The Germany based brand has entered the market at height of inline skating’s popularity, at the time when market was flooded with low quality skates which could be described as toys rather than sport equipment. From the very beginning, Powerslide had one goal: to break the perception of inline skating being a leisure activity for kids and to promote it as a sport for everyone. That’s not a surprise considering that company’s owner, Matthias Knoll, is a skater himself. As speedskating contender, he breathes this sport and his love for it has been fuelling Powerslide for over 25 years.

If we were to describe Powerslide in three words, these would be: quality, variety and innovation. From the very beginning of company’s existence, Germans have challenged industry’s giants and competed with them in field of quality. Nowadays they are in lead of the pack when it comes to technology: heatmoldable liners and boots, compressed carbon shells, revolutionary Trinity mounting – these things are relatively fresh and competition is yet to respond. Looking back, Powerslide was the first company to introduce carbon freestyle skate with integrated padding. They were the first company to introduce carbon based aggressive skate. 125mm wheels were introduced to speedskating thanks to them. The introduction of Kizer Advance frame and then Level 2 made a big impact and lead to rapid evolution of aggressive flat frames. Germans were the first company to make triskates a significant part of their offering, starting a new trend. Nowadays, Powerslide are the only company that makes real off-road skates (not to be confused with off-road rollerskis).

This pursuit of change and improvement is unique – no other company in this industry is having a boss willing to take even the craziest of ideas and concepts to production stage. Powerslide also have, without a shadow of doubt, the richest catalogue of products among all skating companies; covering even the most niche equipment made for freestyle slalom, downhill and inline alpine. They have full range of accessories and parts: helmets, protection pads, wheels, bearings, frames and so on. The company is also making rollerskates, providing recreational, roller derby and skatepark models and equipment. It can be safely said that if Powerslide is not making something skating related, chances of other companies having it in their offer are slim to none.

Powerslide have an impressive brand portfolio: MyFit liners, Wicked bearings, Reign hockey skates, USD aggressive skates, Kizer frames, Undercover wheels, Matter wheels, Gawds boots, wheels and softgoods, Prime wheels, Juice rollerskates wheels, Chaya rollerskates, Ennui protection and many others.

What makes Powerslide special are company’s people and supporters who create a community around it. Germans support and cooperate with skaters all around the globe. International Powerslide Team is composed of names every inline skating fan should be familiar with and believe us - there are far too many to list them here.

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Powerslide - Phuzion Krypton Men 80 Inline Skates


Powerslide - Phuzion Krypton Men 80 Inline Skates


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