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Seba - Slalom Cones Dual Density - Orange (20 pcs.)


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Product details

Product Description
  • hard base
  • soft upper

20 Seba - Slalom Cones Dual Density - Orange in set.

SEBA is keeping innovating, even on the simplest objects ! How can we improve a slalom cone? The idea came when we remembered our long way to learn slalom tricks, trying, missing, repeating, falling. Each of us can remember how painful it was falling on a cone... so we decided to create a "friendly training cone", increasing the security when practicing freestyle slalom. This new cone, is equipped with a dual density technology, with a hard base, and a soft upper part.

  • The hard base is hard enough not to block your skates when you hit a cone: the cone is ejected and not stuck under your wheel, avoiding a hard fall.
  • The soft upper deadens a possible fall and avoids you to hurt yourself on the cone.
Technical Data

About manufacturer

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Seba Company was established in 2005, by French Slalom Hero, Sebastien

SEBA skates has immediately brought Technical Skating innovations to the
marketplace, and simultaneously spent a lot in energy, time, and money to
develop skating and its community.

Nowadays, the Seba  company is already a Big player of the Inline Skating
industry and is pushing even harder to promote many different disciplines and
having Incredible products.


Seba - Slalom Cones Dual Density - Orange (20 pcs.)


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