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Undercover - Blank 80mm/86a (4 pcs.) - Violet


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  • 4 wheels

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Product Description

Undercover brand is one of the leading skate wheels manufacturers. It specializes in freeskate and aggressive skating and it is known probably by every fan of these sports. Blank wheels of Team line are one of the newest propositions from Undercover.

Undercover Blank can be found with diameters ranging from 55 mm to 125 mm. Among those you can find wheels dedicated to aggressive skating, freeskate and even speed skating. There are more differences between the wheels than just the diameter. There are various durometers, profiles and even cores designed specifically for different skating styles.

To begin with, lets take a look on the similarities between Blank wheels. First of all, every product was designed to be the best in its category. Each of them was manufactured in the United States using the finest urethane. No matter which diameter you choose, you can be sure that the wheel gives you maximum performance and durability. Most of the wheels are made for aggressive skating and freeskate, so jumps, stairs or slides are of no concern to them. Doing tricks, even hard ones, is pure fun when using these wheels. Every model goes with 608 bearings – the most popular bearing’s type for skates.

Design is one more thing that is identical for every Blank wheel. There is just a little Undercover logo. Another writings you can find on the wheels are durometer, size and profile. That’s it. There is nothing more than that. Except for these little writings the wheels are completely blank. Most of them are white. Picking white as the wheel color is not a coincidence. White PU is pure. There are no additional coloring pigments. It is important for performance of the wheel. Moreover, white PU is claimed to be longer lasting than colored PU. Another advantage is the fact that modest looking wheels will fit any skate. White PU has one and not really important flaw – it is coloring over time, so after a few months it won’t look as good as new. If it is a serious problem for you, don’t worry. Even among Blank wheels you can find a few colored ones.

Undercover Blank 80 mm are designed specifically for urban skating on a classic 4x80 setup. They are an excellent choice for freestyle slalom as well. The wheels have rather small core and big amount of PU. It transfers to comfort of using them, because PU has the ability to damp vibrations caused by skating on a bumpy surface. Obviously, it lets the wheels last longer too – more PU means more skating fun before the wheels wear off.

The 80 mm wheels are probably still the most popular and the most universal wheels on the market. That’s why there are several variants of the 80 mm Blank wheel. All of them have the same durometer – 86A. What differ them are profile and color. Main version of Undercover Blank 80 mm is certainly a white wheel made from pure not-colored PU. This version has elliptical profile. It is so called speed profile. It allows you to skate really fast and easily maintain your speed, due to rolling resistance reduction. You can enjoy these advantages while using violet wheels too, since their profile is the same. Wheels with such parameters are perfect for skaters who value speed. They are suited for freestyle slalom hard wheeling tricks as well. People who love slides choose them very often, too. Yellow wheels are completely different. They have round profile which is slower but improves balance. You should choose wheels like these if you like jumps and riding down the stairs or if you often skate on bumpy roads.

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Undercover - Blank 80mm/86a (4 pcs.) - Violet


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