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Powerslide - Hardcore EVO 2020 - changes

Powerslide - Hardcore EVO 2020 - changes

Powerslide - Hardcore EVO is the first triskate dedicated to the Freestyle Slalom. Innovative Trinity mounting has significantly reduced the center of gravity even when using 84mm and 90mm wheels. Three-wheel slalom skates are gaining more and more popularity. Triskates are the choice of Lorenzo Guslandi (multiple medalist of the World Championships) and Justyna Czapla - 2019 World Championships Freestyle Battle finalist.

The Powerslide - Hardcore EVO models were produced with 3 different frame lengths until 2019:

  • 215mm - 3x90mm wheels - sizes 36-39
  • 225mm - 3x90mm wheels - sizes 40-41
  • 235mm - 3x90mm wheels - sizes 42-46

However, thanks to Justyna`s Czapla feedback (who was using the shorter frame as her skate size is EU 37/38) the 2020 edition of Powerslide - Hardcore EVO will come equipped with a 205mm length frame and 3x84mm wheels for sizes EU 36-38 - it will make skating easier for younger skaters.

The rest of technical specification remains unchanged:

  • Undercover wheels (Made in USA) 84mm / 90mm / 86a
  • Wicked bearings - Twincam ILQ 9
  • Nexus Rockered frame