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Powerslide Off-Road Skating

Snow SUV skating with your friends

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We know that Off-Road skating is super fun. But to proove that we took some of the best skaters in Poland - from different disciplines - who have never tried Off-Road skating.

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Seba - FR W Liner - 2017

MiMI 10/10/2019

[ 5 / 5]
Seba - FR W Liner - 2017

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Powerslide - Next Supercruiser 110

Nik 12/10/2018

[ 5 / 5]
Powerslide - Next Supercruiser 110

I've bought this skates for a bout a month ago and since that time skated only in them. There were some problems with sizing in the beginning but time and heatmolding made their work and now they are absolutely comfortable to use. The feeling of roll in them is amazing. and they perform great on a lot of hard surfaces. A lot of possibilities of personal adjustment. Great skates I must say. If you want to know more, I've made a full video review of them on my Youtube channel :

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