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How and why heat mold your myfit liners and skates

How and why heat mold your myfit liners and skates

For more detailed information about the process of heat molding check out these videos:

Obviously heat molding your skates will make them more comfortable, but the performance gains associated with heat molding shouldn’t be underestimated.

Heat molding is one part of the fitting equation – the second part is brand Myfit. While Myfit is often seen a liner brand, it also includes footies, inner soles, socks and laces. Everything needed to make your boots and skates fit better.

Recently footies collection was expanded. As always they have different thicknesses, and low and high cut, but now Powerslide has introduced the donut and heel lock. The donut has an additional circular padding around the ankle area to relieve some of the ankle pressure. Also the heel lock has two additional strips of padding that run vertically to close any free space in the heel area and eliminate heel life.

Talking about liners Myfit has a great and wide selection:

  • Crown liner: fat and thicker liner with lots of custom options
  • Recall liner: medium thickness with memory foam padding
  • Fatboy liner: the original MYFIT liner, medium volume, heat moldable and great fit with little weight
  • SPC liner: the new flagship for liners, stiffer, more stable, high performance with Microfiber and MYFIT SPC padding
  • 2nd Skin liner: thin, bit harder, heat moldable, perfect for downsizing, full performance
  • Skinny Boy liner: a great combo, front from the 2nd Skin, heel from the Fatboy, best of both worlds, surely heat moldable too