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Matter - Juice FSK and Zafiro wheels

Matter - Juice FSK and Zafiro wheels


Proven speed skating formulas have been used in the FSK wheels, used for both freestyle and urban skating (new, enhanced core design). They are characterized primarily by high speed and excellent comfort (good grip and shock absorption).

In our offer you can find:

  • Juice FSK model with F1hardness (available in yellow and red), made of the most famous urethane mix used in Matter - Super Juice wheels for speed skating
  • Zafiro model with F0 hardness - perfect for speed skating and slides

All wheels available either individually or in sets of 4.

In addition, we have prepared special deals:

  • 8 Zafiro wheels - 10% cheaper
  • 8 Matter - FSK Juice wheels - 10%cheaper
  • 8 Zafiro wheels + Bearings - 10%cheaper
  • 8 Matter - Juice FSK wheels + Bearings - 10%cheaper