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New Usd - Shadow Trimax skates and Eclipse liner

New Usd - Shadow Trimax skates and Eclipse liner

Fortunately, it turned out that the new Xsjado skate models will be produced under the USD brand as Shadow skates. 

USD - Shadow Trimax with the new Eclipse liner is the very first model that was introduced.

Usd - Shadow

What's new in USD - Shadow?

  • return to the one-piece cuff (Xsjado 1.0), which is now reinforced at the base with a metal plate stiffening the entire structure
  • new, thinner and better adjusting Ankle Part with 45 degree strap
  • removing of all inner padding and introducing one-piece and high laced Usd - Eclipse liner, which after being pulled out can act as a shoe. Thanks to this, USD - Shadow skates have much less screwed elements and unnecessary hardware, which was often damaged.

USD - Shadow

The first model of USD - Shadow skates comes equipped with well-known Kizer - Trimax frames and Powerslide - Spinner 110mm/85a on some Wicked - Abec 7 bearings. Perfect set for urban skating with the option of making simple grinds on the soulplate.

USD - Shadow

Of course, the USD - Shadow skates are compatible the UFS system, so you can mount any aggressive aftermarket frames. In the future there will also be a second version of the USD - Shadow with the Kizer - Fluid frames as standard.