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New Wicked Bearings - Koyo and SKF - what are they

New Wicked Bearings - Koyo and SKF - what are they

In order to achieve the best products only Wicked collaborates with the best of their business only. And out comes greatness.


Engineered and manufactured in Japan, home of the famous Samurai. These bearings are the weapon of choice for some of best skaters in the world, and Matthias Knoll - Powerslide Owner:

Close to 100 years of experience combined with our Wicked team‘s expertise and testing, result in one of the most unique bearings out on the market. Inner and outer rings made of precisely honed chrome steel, cages made from glass-fiber reinforced poly amid and low viscosity Japanese oil promise nothing less than perfection.

Talking about perfection; WICKED SKF, another collaboration Wicked is very proud of.

For sure SKF is one of the, if not the most famous bearing manufacturers out there, already looking back to more than 100 years of history. Combining forces with this powerhouse of bearing engineering Wicked and SKF came out with one of the fastest bearings that has ever been put onto skates.

Using inner and outer rings made from the highest grades of Europe’s best chrome steel, nylon reinforced cages and balls and raceways honed to absolute perfection, these bearings are what the worlds best skaters, and Scott Arlidge, have been craving for. Want to hear what Scott has to say about it? Check our Speaking Specs episode here: