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Powerslide Trinity Frames - which one to choose?

Powerslide Trinity Frames - which one to choose?

By introducing the new Trinity mount, Powerslide also made sure that a lot of compatible frames hit the market. Currently, the range of Trinity frame is huge and allows you to create unique sets regardless of whether you want to combine a freeskate boot with a speed frame (e.g. for downhill) or to put a short urban frame on a low boot (as it is currently used in speed slalom).

Another huge advantage of the large range of Powerslide - Trinity frames is their wide price range.

Powerslide - Elite Casted models made with Die-Cast technology - forcing molten metal under pressure into the mold. Thanks to the very low design of the frames with Trinity mount, the frames made with this technology do not differ much in rigidity from the CNC frames. Kathi Rumpus is a good example – he won the largest marathon in Berlin with Powerslide - Elite Casted 12.5 3x125mm Trinity frames. Powerslide - Elite Casted frames are available in following sizes:

And in two different colors: white and black. They are made of aluminum or magnesium alloy and their price starts from 49 Euro and ends at 79 Euro for a speed skate model. In the 2020 season, Powerslide's offer will include two additional models of Powerslide - Elite Casted: 4x90mm and 4x110mm, which, thanks to the low price, will allow everyone to try both 3 and 4 wheels.

Another price level in the Powerslide - Trinity range are the Ego models, made of milled aluminum and available in the following sizes:

These models are available at a price of 79 Euro, which makes them one of the most affordable frames made in this technology.

Next we have Nexus frames models available in two versions: flat and rocker (adjustable position 2 and 3 wheels) used mainly in Freestyle Slalom. You can find here:

  • 243mm 4x80mm
  • 215mm 3x90mm
  • 231mm 3x100mm
  • 243mm 3x110mm

W cenie 99 Euro. Wersje Nexus Rocker dostępne są w 4 różnych długościach w cenie 119 Euro:

In the 2019 season, two more frames appeared in the Powerslide offer: Rapid - the equivalent of Nexus frames intended for speed skating or e.g. downhill:

The top models of Powerslide - Trinity frames are:

  • Katana for Urban skating and Freestyle Slalom (3rd and 4th wheel rockered)
  • XXX for speed skating
  • DH350 for downhill
  • Trident - Ice Skagting
  • Outback, Renegade and Edge for off-road skating

All these models are made of high quality aluminum alloys and machined in CNC technology - super rigid and light.

All listed models fit with every skate equipped with Trinity mount which gives infinite configuration possibilities.