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What Powerskating is - Powerslide 2019 collection

What Powerskating is - Powerslide 2019 collection

Often many skaters have been skating for several years on their fitness skates and are physically ready to move to something faster, but the jump into a low cut race boot is too far.

In 2018 Powerslide expanded their PowerSkating line to also include their famous “R Series” of skates. The R2, R4, and also the R6 is famous because it is the only “speed” skates in the world which feature a plastic shell. So this means Powerslide can offer a comfortable and stable package to allow people to upgrade their skates, and then also upgrade their performance.

Powerslide high end models like the Grand Prix and World Cup use a lot of technology from racing skates such as the compression molded shell, and XXX or Elite Casted MG frames. Actually, the new World Cup and the complete R Series of skates use our Elite Casted MG frame, which Kathi Rumpus just won the Berlin Marathon with!!

Powerslide - World Cup

Powerslide also promotes their PowerSkating line of skates via their social networks with a more complete focus. In the past they have done complete training videos on YouTube, and recently the “Berlin or Bust” series to focus on the new World Cup skate.

So to summarize:

  • Extremely high performance skates
  • Borrow a lot of technology from racing skates
  • Was the birth place of the Triskate revolution
  • Focus on performance and comfort


  • TRINITY. Perfect for PowerSkaters, more stable, more power, and less vibration
  • Uses a lot of racing technology like the compression molded shell, and XXX frames
  • Knitted uppers in some models for maximum comfort
  • X-slot mounting for perfect frame alignment
  • Matter Wheels on World Cup and Grand Prix
  • Wicked bearings throughout the complete collection
  • Marketing support with coaching videos and tutorials

Powerslide - Powerskating

New for 2019:

Powerslide Powerskating 2019 Line: