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      #bvcustom - off-road versions of Powerslide - Zoom skates Number of Views: 148

      #bvcustom - off-road versions of Powerslide - Zoom skates

      1. Powerslide - Zoom - Czarne with Powerslide - Next Renegade 125 Frame Set

      Powerslide - Zoom

      Rigid and universal shape of the Powerslide - Zoom skate shell together with Triskate off-road frame  and 125 mm wheels is the perfect set for people who are looking for a agile and sturdy off-road skates.

      2. Powerslide - Zoom - Czerwone with Powerslide - Next Edge 150 Frame Set.

      Powerslide - Zoom

      The set allows to skate on all terrains where it is not possible to use ordinary wheels. The two-wheeled frame provides less rolling resistance than the 3 wheel version, making this set superbly suited for skating on flat terrain with poles.