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Art. FRSK-FR180-RD

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FR - FR1 80 - Red


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  • pair of skates (2 skates)
  • tools
  • wheels cover
  • instruction

Product details

Product Description
  • Category: freeride, slalom
  • Model: FR1 80
  • Shell: composite, FR
  • Liner: New FR liner with premium insole
  • Buckle: FK Top Buckle, spider micrometic buckle, lacing
  • HDS Shock Absorber
  • Frame: FR 4D, 243mm (4x80mm)
  • Wheels: FR Street Invaders 80mm/84a White
  • Bearings: FR Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride


FR Skates brand has emerged in 2018, however it is not hard to see that in fact it is a continuation of one of the most valued freestyle and freeskate brands – namely, Seba. After years of experimentation with all kinds of skates, from aggressive to fitness and speed ones, owners have decided to redefine their product line. FR Skates is more focused and relies on what always was a core of Seba lineup – solid skates for freeride and top end freestyle slalom skates.

FR1 skates were at the forefront of technology in urban skates for over a decade and even today they are ahead of large majority of competition offerings. FR1 80 is one of the most recognized freeskates in history and its popularity is not fading even though so many years have passed since the very first version.

Skates are based around rigid hardboot made out of durable material and equipped with multiple convenient features which are held in high regard by thousands of skaters. The shell itself has been cut more open than usual in skates of such design – it improves comfort, especially for user with high instep.

Starting from the top of the skate, FR1 model is equipped with a cuff with the most advanced canting system used in the industry. It allows for 16 different cuff positions and can help in fixing problems with pronation or supination or simply serve to change cuff height. FR skates were one of the first skates to introduce replaceable abrasive pad on the side (sometimes called “slider”) which makes boots to last longer by protecting them during wheel slides (shuffles). As you can expect, this piece is present in current FR1 edition.

Other recognizable elements are metal blocks sunken in to shell material in place of traditional mounting points. Each one of them has 7 threaded holes for screw, which allow for frame position adjustment. Additionally, they reinforce frame and boot connection, making it more rigid and greatly improving energy transfer. Mount spacing is 165mm and boots are compatible with most of the frames which use this standard – also triskating ones, which are easier to attach thanks to special wheel well next to front mounting point, which makes more room for big wheels.

Inside of the shell there is a comfortable, anatomically shaped liner which can be laced in the upper part, helping in securing the foot in place. Beneath the liner sits a shock absorber which makes skating more comfortable and reduces impact of landings. Boot tightening is composed of laces and two buckles – traditional one with receiver and metal lever on cuff and ratchet buckle to secure heel in place.

Skate comes with new 4D frame of 243mm length, complete with Street Invaders II wheels and Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride bearings. This makes FR1 a universal, reliable and agile setup which feels right at home in urban environment. 4x80mm setup is a classic among freeskates and is perfect for jumps and slides. Swap outer wheels for 76mm ones and the skate will perform well between the cones, too.

FR1 skates are recommended for everyone who values proven design, easiness of adjustment and abundance of customization options as well as reliable, universal equipment for urban skating. FR1 was once a workhorse of Seba brand and it fills the same role in more streamlined FR Skates collection – these are skates you can simply be sure of. When the very first version has hit the market over a decade ago, it was so ahead of competition that its design has not aged a bit and stays relevant even today. It is a true classic.

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FR - FR1 80 - Red


FR - FR1 80 - Red


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