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Manufaturer: Powerslide

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Powerslide - Jet Pro

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Size table
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  • pair of skate (2 skates)
  • tool
  • 2 extra axles to set 4x4 wheels
  • instruction

Product details

Product Description

dla rozmiarów 27-30: szyna 207mm, 3x76mm (możliwość zamontowania kół 4x68mm) 

dla rozmiarów 31-34: szyna 219mm, 3x80mm (możliwość zamontowania kół 4x72mm) 

dla rozmiarów 35-38: szyna 231mm, 3x84mm (możliwość zamontowania kół 4x76mm) 

Powerslide Jet Pro is a high-tech hardboot skate for children. It is destined for those who can skate and are looking for a skate that will allow them to develop their skills. It is a great choice for urban skating, hockey and basic freestyle slalom. What differentiates the Pro model from classic Jet skates is the frame that allows for them to be used with either three or four wheels, depending on the preference. It makes them one of the most universal skates available. The drilled holes make changing the sets extremely simple. Their color is also unique.

Powerslide Jet’s shell is made of plastic hardened with fiberglass. Inside there is a soft, comfortable nylon liner. Such construction guarantees excellent support for the foot, which is of upmost importance while learning new tricks. It has also direct influence on child’s safety during urban skating. The buckle and the 45 degree Velcro ensure tight and precise grip. Another advantage is the fast lacing system that is easy to use also for children. The skate comes in three size ranges that can be adjusted according to the need: 27-30, 31-34 and 35-38.

As mentioned above, the frame Volt 2 in 1 allows for two set types: 3 bigger wheels or 4 smaller ones. The length of the frame depend on the size of the skate and equals 219 mm, 231 mm or 243 mm accordingly. This solution ensures good fit, what makes the skate comfortable to use and maneuverable. With the change of the frame’s length comes the change of wheels. Originally, the skate comes with the setup of 3 wheels (76 mm, 80 mm or 84 mm accordingly). Their hardness is 85A, which assures good grip and speed. They come with high-tech Wicked bearings. To use the setup of 4 wheels, the user will need 68, 72 or 76 mm wheels accordingly.

It is worth mentioning that the wheels are set on drilled, one-piece axis, screwed directly into the frame. This solution is used in the high-tech cutting-edge skates for professionals. There is a possibility to attach a HABS brake (height adjustable brake system) to the skate. However, it is not included.

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Size table

Powerslide - Jet Pro


Powerslide - Jet Pro


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€119 €134
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