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FR - SL Carbon 310 - Black Inline Skates


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<p style="text-align: justify;">FR Skates brand has emerged in 2018, however it is not hard to see that in fact it is a continuation of one of the most valued freestyle and freeskate brands &ndash; namely, Seba. After years of experimentation with all kinds of skates, from aggressive to fitness and speed ones, owners have decided to redefine their product line. FR Skates is more focused brand and relies on what was always a core of Seba lineup &ndash; solid skates for freeride and top end freestyle slalom skates.</p>
<p style="text-align: justify;">FR Skates SL is a direct successor of KSJ/WFSC/Trix skates. It is not a simple re-paint, though &ndash; it has been reworked to incorporate the very same cuff as used in current Igor boot instead of previous plastic triangle found in Seba models which used the same boot template. It also has received a stylish look reflecting its status as premium quality offering.</p>
<p style="text-align: justify;">Starting from the top of the skate, SL is equipped with before mentioned cuff made out of carbon fibre &ndash; a unique feature in the world of skates, not used by any other brand. Its rigidity is much greater than of traditional cuffs made by injection of composite materials &ndash; this translates in to a superior lateral support and better responsiveness of the skates, making demanding tricks easier to perform.</p>
<p style="text-align: justify;">Shell of the skate is also made out of carbon fibre which makes it durable, stiff, responsive and lightweight. Skate is based on 165mm mount and is compatible with most of the frames in that standard, also tri-wheeled ones. Heel of the skate is also raised to make sitting slalom tricks easier. Skin of the boot is made of durable artificial leather, however it lacks replaceable sliders known from Igor. The non-replaceable patches of durable material are used instead. The toe area is protected by a rubber-like cover &ndash; a solution introduced years ago in venerable Seba High and in fact becoming an industry standard since. Lining of the boot is made to fit user's anatomy as best as possible, delivering superior fit and locking heel in place. This results in precise transfer of movements to wheels.</p>
<p style="text-align: justify;">Skate comes with new Carbon frame of 244mm length, complete with MPC Junk XFirm wheels and Twincam ILQ9 Slalom Pro bearings. The Carbon frame is lighter, more rigid and responsive than aluminium one and makes whole skate lighter. It is a bit longer than in &ldquo;regular&rdquo; model of SL 310 allowing designers to make skate lower and making it easier to squeeze more speed out of the setup. Moreover, thanks to being relatively short, it is still a superb offering for speed slalom practice, allowing you to shave precious milliseconds from your personal record a bit easier.</p>
<p style="text-align: justify;">FR Skates SL 310 are made for people who look for top tier freeskate and speed slalom setup. If you are looking for a pair of slim, lightweight skates made without compromises and want to get best of what FR brand have to offer, look no further. Igor has officially been de-throned from the status of being the most advanced model in FR Skates range. Meet a new king &ndash; SL. The version with Carbon frame is achievement in itself &ndash; no one was succesfull in bringing this technology to freeskating segment before.</p>

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FR - SL Carbon 310 - Black Inline Skates


FR - SL Carbon 310 - Black Inline Skates


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