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MPC - Freestyle 76mm X-Firm - Dual Natural (1 pcs.)


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MPC - Freestyle 72mm X-Firm - Dual Natural (1 pcs.)

Product details

Product Description

The brand new MPC Freestyle wheels are high-tech solution for the advanced freestyle slalom skaters. Their size fit their destination – you will only find them in sizes most frequently used in freestyle slalom: 80 mm, 76 mm and 72 mm. They are produced in the USA.

MPC brand is a well-known, valued producer of speed skating wheels. This time, however, with the cooperation of the famous French freestyle slalom skater Sebastien Laffargue, it decided to use its technologies and patents to create an exceptional freestyle slalom wheels. Interestingly, Sebastien is the father of yet another famous skater brand FR Skates. It may be then safely stated that MPC Freestyle is a product of two famous brands.

It’s enough to cast a look at the wheels to see they are unique. This may be attributed to their design and colors, but not only that. What catches the eye is the unusual core type or rather… lack of it. This is an unusual solution for freestyle slalom wheels. The core used takes almost no space at all and allows for the wheels to be made almost entirely of polyurethane. This means the user gets big amount of material, and hence will be able to use the wheels for a long time before they wear off. This solution can often be found in aggressive skating wheels, as the hallmark of such core is its durability. It is of upmost importance in aggressive skating, where there are many jumps and other tricks. What is more, aggressive skating wheels are small, and so using a small core is more than natural.

And that is only the beginning of innovations. In wheels production, MPC brand uses its own, patented technology MTech Soft Heart, Hard Body. It wasn’t forgotten in the case of these wheels, what is confirmed by the patent number print on each wheel. In short, this technology means using two different types of polyurethane in one wheel. The part that touches the ground is made of hard polyurethane, whereas the inner part close to the core is produced of quite soft one. According to the producer, such solution makes the wheels more reactive – the wheel may bend to assure better grip. In addition, such wheels will last longer and make your ride more pleasant, the producer assures.

MPC brand does not use the typical A-scale to describe the hardness of the wheel. Instead, they came up with their own scale, and so the MPC Freestyle wheels are X-FIRM, meaning they will do best at hard, dry and even surfaces – the exact same type that is preferable for freestyle slalom trainings. The producer compares it to the 84-86A hardness (the outer part, obviously).

As mentioned before, those wheels come in three sizes – 80 mm, 76 mm and 72 mm. Each size comes in two different colors – either yellow or natural, the second one being the color of the polyurethane. Each wheel comes with an interesting print that includes Sebastien Laffargue’s autograph.

Technical Data

MPC - Freestyle 76mm X-Firm - Dual Natural (1 pcs.)


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