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Powerslide - Swell Lite 100 - Black

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Product Description

Powerslide Swell have set a new benchmark in category of fitness skates. In times when sports equipment manufacturers must put emphasis not only on quality but also on aesthetics, Swell come forward to the expectations, offering durability, excellent performance and great looks which resemble running shoes design.

New Swell Lite models redefines boot concept known from previous models while still maintaining the same stiff, composite Vi shell as a base. Integrated padding is gone – the skates are equipped with MyFit Skinny Boy liner. The shell itself was also given flex cuts, which increase the overall flexibility of ankle area. These changes make the skates more “forgiving” when it comes to fit – in fact, we encourage skaters who couldn’t use previous Swell models to give Lite versions a try. Another benefit is decreased production cost, which translates to lower price on the shelf.

The rest of the skate stays as it were previously – Swell Lite share the same technologies and quality which made older models such outstanding skates. Glass fibre addition makes the shell as well as the cuff stronger and give them qualities which are not that widespread among fitness skates – namely a great energy transfer and superior control.
Feet are safely secured in place thanks to high lacing, cuff buckle and a Velcro strap which prevents heel lift. All of this makes it hard to believe that these skates are designed for fitness skating. Indeed, Powerslide engineers have used the technology and experience developed and acquired while working on freeskates, to build the Swell boot. It can be even said that Swell fall in to a “fitness+” category as they are much more than skates made for cruising on par lanes.

Inside of the shell resides a MyFit Skinny Boy liner, shaped to fit more narrow skates the best while providing maximum comfort. As with every MyFit liner, it can be heat moulded to provide superior fit right after taking the skates out of the box. Forget long break-in periods and pressure points!

Swell Lite Black 100 are aimed at skaters who are looking for good looking skates crossing the boundaries of what is usually considered as fitness skating. Short and lightweight 231mm Elite frame (205mm one in smaller sizes) and Powerslide Infinity 100mm wheels are encouraging you to try elements of freestyle skating, providing great agility. Still, these skates are objectively fast – you can build up speed on a track and maintain it quite easily.

Powerslide have introduced an innovative Trinity mounting in second iteration of Swell range and thanks to it, the centre of balance is as low as possible. This makes skates easier to control and easier to skate. Moreover, three mounting points make energy transfer more efficient, which translates to faster skating with less effort. Another advantage is full compatibility with whole Trinity frame range – thanks to it, if you will ever decide to try different wheel setup, you won’t have to worry if the frame will fit your boot. You can even mount long speedskating frame and convert these skates in to “full fat” 3x125mm marathon model if you wish.

If you are bored with fitness skates that all look alike and are looking for something going further in terms of style, performance and versatility, Swell are skates for you. New Lite models allow more skaters to feel the joy of skating in Swell and are safe recommendation for anyone who looks for well made, solid skates for frequent, intense skating. The included brake makes these a good starting point for newcomers, too.

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Powerslide - Swell Lite 100 - Black


Powerslide - Swell Lite 100 - Black


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